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Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Mexican Town Without Police

I know this to be true because it came straight from la boca de caballo (horse’s mouth).

Of the 36 police responsible for our town and the next town over, Calle Doce, all but five – including the comandante – are in jail in Mexico City.

La Corrupcion!

I don’t have details. The man who told us about the police might’ve been in on the sting as he’s sort of an overseer of the police department/mayor’s office and so he’s got to be careful about how much he divulges. So much for calling the cops when someone breaks in. I once met the comandante when I told him about the pedophile. He seemed like such a nice guy (the police chief, not the pedophile).

This reminds me of Luis Urrea’s book “Into the Beautiful North" which is about a small town empty of men. Most have gone north to Los Estados Unidos for work, some have been killed, others run off. It’s a town without law and order, full of corruption.

Except for the druggie break-ins (which go on in any town/city in the U.S. where you’ve got crack or meth) and little hooligans, I feel safe in this town. It’s a sad commentary on life in Mexico when the police are the ones to fear.

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