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Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Men in My Life

When I first got to Mexico, snowbirds - retired experts in various fields - came to my rescue whenever I needed work on or around my trailer. Leaky faucet, water heater regulator, external water pump, all fixed or installed by bored retirees. Now I rely on the locals - good for them and good for me.

Since my return to Kino last week these wonderful men have come to my aid; I send out a vibe and they appear (in some cases they'll be sent by a friend but I like to think it's more ethereal than that).

Gordo installed the OPD valve on my aluminum propane tank.
El Vikingo cleaned out the bodega.
Victor exterminated spiders and scorpions.
Jose the tatooist fixed the pesky leaky faucet.
Manuel painted kerosene on the porch rafters to thwart the hungry termites.
During my stay in Bisbee, Laro camped out on my porch. No thieves dared cross my threshold
Right now I'm vibing on Miguel. After two years of a non-functioning fridge, maybe it can be fixed. At least it's worth a look.

A lesson I've learned: Angels may leave but new ones will appear to take their place.


  1. the closest is trabajador which is worker, craftsman, etc.