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Monday, November 21, 2011

La Revolucion 2011

My day started with a social anxiety attack. (Yes, I still get those.) 
So I wandered over to the muelle to commune with the pelicans.

After the pelican gave me a good talking to 
I headed to town to catch the beginning of the parade.

 The classes and organizations carry banners to identify their groups.

 During the revolution, women fought along side the Zapatistas. 

Angel is too little to be in the parade.

 So he watched his brothers...Brandon (all in white) and...

...Alayn (who's in the front with the girls, a lot like his dad).

Saul pulled his panga Michelle.

Simon the plant man from Hermosillo had to wait out the parade.

Love these box kids (or whatever they are).

 Jose walked the parade route with his boy...


The morning ended where it began, looking at the water, 
this time watching people from the States climb aboard their sailboat and motor away....

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  1. What beautiful pix! I love your blog!