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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spanish Word(s) of the Day: cochino and hipocrita

I see that el cochino is complaining that the left is denying him free speech. Hm. What about the religious right (for example) protesting a movie they think is anti-Jesus or anti-God or anti-religion? According to el cochino's stance, aren't they denying that movie's producers their free speech? Or is it okay for the right to protest and call for boycotts and advertising withdrawals but not the left? That's called hypocrisy.

From Merriam-Webster: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion

Let me explain the free speech issue as I see it. IMHO people have the right to say what they want (unless it incites violence against a particular person or group of people) and I have the right not to support them and to urge others to withdraw their support, i.e. advertisers.

Here are a few examples of the right's hypocrisy surrounding the Ms. Fluke/birth control issue: They're okay with the fact that Rush smuggled Viagra but he's not a cochino (the male equivalent of a slut). They're disgusted with all those babies on welfare but don't want to give women access to birth control. They don't want their taxes going for family planning but as Jon Stewart so eloquently put it: get over it! We all have taxes going places we don't support (WAR for example).

The other day a friend who spends all his down time watching Fox "News" said Rush shouldn't have called "that girl" a slut but she was one because she had too much sex. Every time she had sex she had to take a birth control pill which meant she had sex likes 3,000 times a year. Whoa, all us women screamed from various seats in the truck, you don't know how birth control works. And after we told him - one pill a day no matter if you're having sex or not - he still didn't believe us. He didn't believe that women knew more about birth control than he did. How in the hell can someone take the bullshit uttered or screamed on Fox as absolute truth? It's beyond me.

This friend of mine has daughters who most likely at some point in their lives were on birth control. One got pregnant quite young. How would he feel if someone like el cochino not only said his daughters were sluts but also that he was a lousy and irresponsible parent?

I believe the left should keep up the heat on Rush (Christian Science Monitor). If nothing else, it may clear up some misconceptions about birth control and family planning. (But are people willing to listen and learn? It seems doubtful.)

Although I'd love to see Rush without a radio program, and I'm thrilled that as of this writing he's lost 21 advertisers (Politico), I haven't signed a petition to Clear Channel to give him the boot. I want Rush to die a slow and painful radio death. Besides, he'll find some way to reincarnate himself. Still, my fantasy is to see Rush dirt poor and having to rely on all those "socialist" programs he rails against: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps. He'll be too poor for Viagra. (Do women actually have sex with him? Is he married?) Maybe he'll wind up living out of a shopping cart (a BIG one) and do his soapboxing on street corners with a tip jar by his side.

The more these controversies come up, it seems the stronger women get. We've been complacent, thinking these battles were won years ago only to have the beast we thought dead rise up and attack us again. It's like the right's robocop. But us women, we're resilient.

Oh-oh, I'm feeling my inner Helen Reddy rising to the surface: I am woman, hear me roar.

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  1. Amen sister! One thing I just can not wrap my brain around is why on earth every man alive does not just think birth control pills are the best thing since sliced bread. Why are they so opposed to it? Last time I looked men were in favor of having as much sex as possible. It seems like anything that makes women more willing to engage would be very popular with them. I don't think the notion of only doing it to procreate ever crosses their minds. Does not make sense to me. Why are they not recommending that every woman not planning to have a kid take it? Sure would cut back on the deadbeat dad situation plus save a ton of $ on social services for the fed! Might also make a dent in the abortion rate. I just do not understand the logic.
    Pam in Texas