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Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Old People

They are in their 80s or 90s now, these people who began coming to Kino Bay 30+ years ago. They came to camp, to vacation, to fish. At first they brought tents and trailers. Then they built homes.

Drinking margaritas with girlfriends whose ages range from 40 to 60 we joked that we are the new old people. We are the same ages these old farts were when they first got here. Thirty or so years from now we’ll be replaced by the new old people. On and on it goes.

Among the expat/snowbird community I swear the mean age must be 70. (Or is that median age? My data analysis days are only seven years gone but right now I can’t remember which is which. At any rate, the white people here are old.) So imagine the excitement generated when two hot guys under 80 showed up at the bar. Way under 80. Like 40. And not just hot but fun, friendly, generous and flirty. No sexual innuendos for these guys; the sexual flirtation was explicit, in your face. We drank it up. We were giggling girls. We couldn’t get enough of these guys.

Kino is not a town young Americans come to party. It is a town young Mexicans come to party – especially this week (Semana Santa) and next (Semana Diabla) and summer weekends. And most of us prefer it this way. We don’t want Kino to turn into a Rocky Point. But once in a while it is nice when boys come to town and spice up the lives of us new old women.

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