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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Kino Bay Sunday

Getting out of the park without Paloma wasn't easy. It took three tries. But finally I was able to throw her off - she headed south through the park while I crouched below the sea wall on the beach and went north, having to walk to the pier (muelle) through town rather than on the beach.

Bougainvillea blooming at Islandia

 Fish tacos, anyone? How about Liza frita? Or shrimp cocktails?

Or coconuts with crab? Apparently they have Viagra-like powers.

No Paloma in sight so I continue on the beach.

Stingrays. Not to be confused with manta rays which are known to jump in boats and kill crocodile hunters from Australia. I like the face on this one. He looks like he's looking back at his missing tail. Or maybe he just needs some Cocos Viagra.

The shells in the eye sockets are a nice touch.

The beach is littered with fish heads.

The occasional shell gathering.

Jingle shells. Gringas like them 'cause they're shiny and difficult to find, especially larger ones in perfect shape. These are about 2" in diameter.

 Poor gull. I saw him the other day. I wonder how long he'll survive with that bum wing.

Okay, I walk another mile or so down the beach then come back and cut up to the road that runs parallel to the beach. At the far end is a stretch of fish processing plants.

Even the humblest of dwellings can have lovely gardens.

Nearing the pier, the return of the taco stands.

Guero - whitey.

This place has it all: fish, clams, octopus, carne, cabeza.

Through town, away from the pier, I stop at the "Gravel Pit" for lunch which has been closed all winter. The snowbirds contribute less than they think to the local economy. Sure, they affect RV parks and restaurants like the Marlin, Jorge's, Pargo Rojo, but mostly the town relies on vaccationers from Hermosillo and other towns in Mexico. Many of the restaurants and taco stands don't open until spring. At the Gravel Pit I have a chile rellenos because I'm sick of fish.

After lunch, I'm distracted by a baseball game in the field across the highway.

I've never been inside this motel. Have no idea what the rooms are like or the cost but it sure is a sweet-looking place.

Back on Guaymas, another fine dining establishment - Plywood Palace.

Whoa, Luigi's now has spicy chicken wings!

I poke my head into Carla's and snap a pic of the flour tortilla conveyor belt.

Of course, I have to stop in the Hacienda Hotel to see Edgar. For the two weeks around Semana Santa, the hotel will be occupied by police. Oh yeah, hot guys with big guns.

Edgar. Hot guy, showing off his guns.

Reyes. He's going diving up toward the Seri Village of Desembuque. I ask him if he'll look for a jingle shell in its natural habitat and grab one for me.

Jose's tattoo parlor. He's been working in the city of Guaymas with the Chinese, something to do with jelly fish.

Back where I started.


  1. Woo!!! Thanks for the tour. There were a few spots I don't know, so I'll need to plan a walk with you when I'm down next time.
    Again, thanks. It was like I was there.

  2. It certainly looks lovely down mexico way. Nothing like they would have us believe up here in the states. Everyone here talks like there's a narcothug on every esquina waiting to relieve you of your head.
    It's good to see what it is really like. Thanks!
    Pam in Texas

  3. paloma! como esta? you owe me an email, an update on your life.

    there certainly are towns in mexico i'd avoid or be extra careful. i'd stay off lonely back roads. but i know many people who have traveled way further south of here with no problems. i'd probably not deal drugs.