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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Town Wanker

Two gringas from this little RV park were followed as they walked the beach - on separate occasions - by a public masturbator. I'd been dog/cat sitting on the other end of town and missed all the excitement.

When I returned home I was talking to a woman friend on my porch when I looked toward the wall which separates the park from the road behind it and there was a guy looking at us. I couldn't be absolutely sure I knew what he was doing but there was a certain movement to his hand and hips that was suspect. I said to my friend, "is that guy jerking off over there?" I walked over to the wall yelling "hey, go away. vamanos" but he just grinned and kept it up. When I shouted something about calling the policia, he moved away from the wall.

Just then the police showed up on one of his regular rounds through the park. I walked to the driver's door and the cop extended his hand and we shook. I said, "Hombre..." then I turned to my friend and said "how do you say jerking off in spanish?" So I just made the motion and the cop understood. We described what the guy was wearing and that he'd just taken off on a bicycle. The cop took off after him.

Later, I got to hear both stories from the women who'd been harrassed by him on the beach. He followed one woman on her whole two-mile walk. Finally a man saw her from his condo and escorted her home. Back at the park her husband jumped in the truck and took off looking for the guy, going to bash his head in or something macho like that.

The other woman had a more humorous tale to tell. The masturbator was totally buck naked. When she got back to the park she told our neighbor who's a bigwig with the mayor's office and they called the cops. She described him as a thin naked guy with a big dick. He was pretty easy to find.

Turns out the guy is mentally retarded and harmless. The cops couldn't keep him in jail forever so they let him out after a couple nights. We haven't seen the wanker around, figuring he's probably been shipped off to Calle Doce, the next town over.

There's something about this little village that even its perverts are rather endearing. Or to be pitied. I don't know, I mean what do you do with a guy like that? Jeez, you can't stick him in prison. I picture him as a lone desperado, penis in hand, wandering from town to town...


  1. Reminds me of visits to my grandparents. The neighbor kid was retarded. When he and his mother would visit, he would rock back and forth, masturbating, and, most disturbing, saying my name over and over. "Dauty, Dauty." My aunt loves to remind me of this. dg

  2. that is a truly unpleasant image, dauty.