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Monday, July 4, 2011

Sounds Like Rain

Apparently that last post, the Buddy Guy post, was some sort of rain dance because it rained here in the land of "it almost never rains here."

Somewhere around midnight I woke to turn off the AC because the trailer was freezing-ass cold. I turned on the floor fan, keeping the windows closed because I knew it was still hot and humid outdoors. I crawled back into bed and heard the pat pat pat of raindrops on the trailer roof. You know how sometimes you'll wake in the morning and go outside and the patio is wet and you'll think hm, it must've rained last night? Well living in an aluminum house there's never any guessing about did it or didn't it rain. Even one drop of rain causes a reverberating ping on the roof of the trailer.

I laid in bed expecting the rain to end but it didn't. I fell asleep but woke a little later just to check. It was still raining! It rained all night. Not Arizona raging monsoon nor Portland steady downpour, just a sweet two-step on the trailer roof.

It rained enough that there's a puddle on my trailer floor from where the roof leaks around the Fantastic vent. Small price to pay for a cloudy Oregon day on the Sea of Cortez.

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  1. yea! it rained quite awhile here in tucson last night too...those nice steady rains are the best