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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toilet Paper! (Living in Mexico Tip Numero Tres)

As most of you know, most of Mexico is a no-flush-toilet-paper zone. So if you decide to stay in Mexico for a while bring the biggest, fluffiest, softest and most favorite brand of toilet paper you can buy in the good old USofA because a) you won't be flushing it so no worries about clogging up septic systems, and b) you won't be able to find it here.

Mexican toilet paper sucks. Even the brands you can find in Walmart are not on a par with the paper we're used to back home.

Now here's additional information for those of you who will be staying in an RV.

If you keep your black tank valve closed (which most RVers agree is the way to go) and use that blue stuff that breaks down solid wastes, then you can flush all the toilet paper you want. Keeping the black tank valve closed is environmentally better because you use less water that way. What I used to do before my valve got stuck in the open position - and thank God it didn't get stuck in the closed position! - is when it was getting near the time to empty the tank (and believe me, you won't need a gauge to tell you when that time is approaching), I would close the gray tank valve (which I normally keep open), take a shower, do dishes, all of which fills up the gray water tank, empty the black tank, then open the gray tank valve to thoroughly flush everything from the sewer hose.

Should you keep your black tank valve open, you'll be using a lot more water to make sure stuff is flushed from the bottom of the tank. A handy gadget to have is a wand-like plastic tube with holes in the end. Attach the wand to the outside water hose, insert in toilet and turn the on/off knob to open. Water will spray all sides of the tank thus doing a bang-up job of cleaning out that sucker. Of course you need good water pressure for that to work which we ain't got - at least not here in Kino - so you might want to add a water pump to your list but I'd hold off on that until you know if you're going to be here for a few months or for forever.


  1. The fascinating thing about Mexico is that public bathrooms other than in the pricey chain restaurants, never have any toilet paper. You get used to traveling with your own TP supply in your purse or car. In the public bathrooms where you pay 3 pesos, they give you a small wad of TP.

    The other curious thing is the lack of toilet seats. Very strange.

  2. Well, I am not anonymous, I am Marti in Mexico. But blogspot doesn't seem to want me to post under any other profile. So the previous comment is me, Marti.

  3. sorry about the blogspot glitch Marti. not sure why it acts up like that.

    some of the newer Pemexes are doing pretty good at keeping their bathrooms stocked with TP (and toilet seats!). where did i stop that had a newly remodeled bathroom with fancy sinks? i think the Circle K just before the Hermosillo toll (as you're heading south). it kinda smelled funny but all the fixtures were new.

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  5. i have no idea what you just said septic tank pumping roswell but i liked it!