Trailer Park Nirvana image created by Stefany Kleeschulte.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


When daytime temps are hovering around 90, one has to look for subtle changes to know that fall has arrived in Kino Bay. There are no cottonwoods or maple trees changing colors. There are no big stores with displays of Halloween candy. No early Christmas decorations.

So here are signs of fall in a place where the desert meets the sea.

Hummingbird migration

Shrimp boats

Blooming bougainvillea

And most importantly, Schwepps on the shelves at Super T Del Mar. Yellow. The color of Fall.


  1. ha! evidence of the other migration- pajaros de nieve! pj

  2. That's too funny, Schweppes as a sign of fall. I wonder why that is?
    Subtle changes indeed. We kind of miss fall here in the subarctic and charge right into winter and the we become a sign of winter in AZ.
    xoxo Kim

  3. Del Mar is the only store that carries Schweppes. the supply can be pretty thin in the summer but they stock up for gin and tonics for the gringos! you are indeed a sign of the approach of winter, Ms. Kim. so far, the snowbirds have yet to arrive in kino.