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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Word of the Day - carteles de la droga

When he walked into the restaurant I jokingly asked our waiter Daniel if the guy was que la mafia? The man did not look like he was from around here or even Hermosillo for that matter. He had on a brightly-colored shirt and his thick black hair was styled back away from his face. Because he was short, I joked that maybe he was Chapo Guzman, the notorious head of a drug cartel.

A little while later the man did a most unusual thing (for here anyway). Daniel returned to our table and said the gentleman would like to buy us drinks. After a brief debate - we'd already had two drinks, did we want another? - we said okay. When our drinks arrived we raised our glasses to the man in a salud/thank you gesture.

Those drinks were barely finished when another round arrived.

Then the man arrived at our table too.

The man spoke no english but no problema because PJ's spanish is really good and all night she'd done a great job translating and keeping me in the conversational loop. One of the things we learned from the man is that he's a lawyer in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Monterrey. The city where the attack on the Casino Royale took place.

Um, I don't mean to be overly suspicious but a lawyer with slick clothes and slick hair? Lawyers in Mexico don't make a lot of money. Then again, it depends on who they work for.

So when he invited us to have lunch with him today I had an easy out - too much work. Not sure what PJ decided. But I tell you what, on Sunday I'd watched two different shows on two different channels about the drug cartels in Mexico, so there's no way I'm going to have lunch with a man who looks like he works for a drug lord. Although I'm sure it'd be really interesting. Maybe I can talk PJ into going.


  1. Wow, that does sound sketchy. Then again we had Christmas with some judges from Nogales on holiday in Bisbee a couple of years ago and they paid for our drinks and breakfast as well after we let them spend the night at our place rather than driving back to Nogales.
    xoxo Kim

  2. hmmmm, I might have to consider this a fact finding mission...pj

  3. atta girl! i mean really, what did you think?

  4. oops, just saw your comment kim. my reply was to pj. i didn't know about your judge friends from nogales. yeah, i'm sure judges make a lot of money along with the lawyers!! do you keep in touch? can't hurt to have judges as friends when in mexico!

  5. Interesting.....some baaaad stuff going on for sure. Good to be wary.

  6. Good call to avoid lunch! Could just be that I've been jaded this year by interactions with sketchy people (apparently I don't take my own advice and I GO to the lunches ... heh heh). No, but seriously, no vas al almuerzo. (was my spanish even close?? lol)

  7. Always, always, always go with your guts. Your instincts are the universal language, remember, pay attention to the signs:) Luv, ya, Rosalia

  8. What is that picture? The Casino Royale?

  9. Ms S...your spanish is muy bueno but i've never heard almuerzo used for lunch here in Kino - it's just comida. Rosalie is a spanish expert so maybe she knows the answer to that. And, yes, that picture is the Casino Royale.