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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grand Junction

I do transcription for a company back east and my jobs are varied - advisory boards for pharmaceutical companies, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and my favorite: internal affairs interviews for a police department. Unfortunately I don't get a lot of those IA investigations but I jump on them when they come in. Oh the drama! Not a lot of officer-involved shootings; mostly cops and firemen are called in front of IA for domestic violence, pornography, drunk driving. One time I did a whole set of interviews involving a cop who - in my humble opinion - was a total sociopath. I never did find out how that case ended. It's like reading a murder mystery with the last chapter torn out.

The other day I transcribed the audio for some sort of healthcare documentary and one of the segments was on Grand Junction, Colorado, which is a model when it comes to providing healthcare for EVERYONE regardless of insurance level (including the no insurance level). I remembered Grand Junction from the many road trips I made from Oakland to St. Louis on I-70 in the 1970s and the stunning vistas as I crossed the border of Utah and Colorado.

My desire the past two summers had been to travel around New Mexico but for various reasons (money and work - lack of one or too much of the other) I wasn't able to do that. However, this summer - when Vanna's transformation to CamperVanna, Queen of the Desert is complete - I'll head up one side of New Mexico to Grand Junction then loop down through the middle of Colorado to Las Vegas, NM, and take it from there.

I envision camping mostly on BLM land or in national park campgrounds but when I need to work, I'm hoping to settle in a nice little trailer park in town where I can access wifi and type for a day or two, then take off again. That sounds doable, right?

And then in the winter - let's say February - I can take off to the Mojave, to Joshua Tree, to Slab City because I tell you, by February I've had it with these fucking snowbirds. But that's another blog post.

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