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Monday, February 13, 2012

Pizza in Paradise

A social week comes to a screaming (as in laughter) end as we clip D's and C's long tresses to the clothesline.

Saturday. The rodeo in Suaqui. Next year I'll camp out in Vanna so I can enjoy the nighttime dancing and festivities without risking my life on the nighttime road from Suaqui to Kino.

Sunday. Tattoo, pic taken at the tattoo studio while in progress. Still waiting for it to totally heal before posting a picture of the final image.

Monday and Tuesday. Wham bam thank you ma'am work marathon. I now know lots about Alzheimer's disease. Keep exercising that brain!

Wednesday. Private dinner party. What?! I went to a dinner party? Si. Was kindly invited to fill in for someone who couldn't make it.

Thursday. Cocktail party.  What?! I went to a cocktail party? Si. At one of the large homes on the beach. Always wanted to see the inside. Emotionally wrung out after two nights of chit-chat and schmoozing with the upper echelon.

Friday. L and I decided to walk a little later in the morning and go to LaPalapa for lunch. After tacos gobernador and micheladas, we yearned for Jorge's - a less windy (therefore warmer) deck. But alas we were without a vehicle. The waiter told us we'd just missed the bus and another wouldn't be by for an hour. What the hell, let's go to the road and see if we can hitch. Got friendly waves from the guys in the military truck and then VOILA! the bus! Yay for late-running Mexican buses. We landed at Jorge's a few minutes later and only a few pesos lighter. After a drink or two we walked over to Casa Blanca where we figured there'd be a pretty good likelihood of getting a ride back to Kino Viejo. We ate, we drank, we watched buses come and go. The lovely barmaid loaned us her car.

Saturday. Returned car to above-mentioned barmaid. Got haircut. Kept the drinking down to one vodka and tonic at Jorge's and ditto at Casa Blanca. Got home and discovered The Walking Dead season 1 marathon on amc. Zombie heaven! I watched every episode, was up until 12:30 a.m., dreamed dreams inspired by six hours of blood drama.

Sunday. Another walk with L, this time in the other direction, past the muelle to Jacquelyn condominiums, then over to the plaza for the Familias Unidos food-a-thon. While walking on the beach we ran into Cristina. "Hey, I was going to call you later to see if we could come over for pizza tonight." No problema, she replied. Then at the plaza ran into R. "Hey, we're going for pizza tonight. Can you come?" No problema, he said. Awesome. Back home, more catching up on The Walking Dead season 2 shows I'd missed.

In la noche at Cristina's Paradise Pizza.

L. brought jello shots. She really knew how to tongue those things. The rest of us struggled. I ended up squeezing my cup too hard and breaking it.

We toured the long-defunct restaurant which was going to be quite the hot spot but money problems and structural problems led to its collapse.

A rare sight on our beaches, a bikini-clad woman doing yoga. She'd picked a private spot. Little did she know she was being ogled and admired and photographed.

Cristina outdid herself with the pizzas.

Upon our return to Islandia, partaking of one last nightcap, we clipped someone's hair to the laundry hanging thingy.

Then proceeded to try to take scary pictures... no avail.

The evening ended just in time for me to catch the 1st episode of the new season of The Walking Dead.

A little too much socializing for my taste but a pretty good balance between work and fun. I'm hoping for a lower-key week this week, less blah-blah-blah, more quiet time reading, but shoot, there's dinner on Tuesday, bingo on Wednesday, crafts fare on Saturday, no work on the horizon, and no telling what will fill in the gaps. Maybe Prohibition and Proseco (if my liver can handle it).

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