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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dirty Job

Here's one for Mike Rowe on the Discovery Channel: jellyfish processing.

At the far end of Miramar, where the pavement ends, sits the jellyfish processing plant. An Asian delicacy, it's my understanding that the plant is owned by a Chinese company. Jose the tattooist works for them down in Guaymas, mostly as translator.

I'd always been curious about what kind of jellyfish were salted and dried. I wondered if it was the run-of-the mill jellyfish we find all along the beach:

After my visit with the deportee, dropping off books by coelho and palahniuk, I stopped by the plant. A truck was unloading jellyfish...

The stench was enough to make me want to gag. The guy scooping the blue blobs from the loader didn't wear a mask. I don't know how he stood it.

Mountains of salt used in the drying process.

Newly lined and cleaned tubs.

After the jellyfish left the loader they road a conveyor belt to a table where ten or so people handled them, probably sorting, pulling out the ones that were too small. From what I could see there were about thirty people working, not including the men hired to get the factory clean and in working order.

A female pitbull followed me for quite a way, until a bunch of dogs chased her away.

The smell from the plant stayed with me a lot longer than did the dog.

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