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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fish Tacos

For Lent I'm giving up surliness. Should be a piece o' cake 'cause there's less than two weeks left. I'm not going to rant about bigots or RV dogs. I'm going to write about why I like it here, in Mexico, in Kino.

Las Gaviotas is one of my favorite seafood places.

I love* their fish tacos.

I also love that they make their own chips and that they recently painted the walls lime green.

They're nice people too. One time I was there and the waiter kept calling me sir. Is everything okay sir? It was pretty cute but finally I corrected him.

A couple doors down is this simple little house. Tires for planters, freshly painted with that little niche in the wall next to the door.

Another place I like a lot is Nasfuargos (or something like that). It's at the far end of Miramar, past the fish processing plants. I shot this photo from the beach.
They're replacing the tarped roof with palms. Took about a year for that tarp to get shredded in the wind. Often I'll have lunch, leave the van and walk the beach from there. The guy on the roof wants to buy my van. Funny but the rustier my van gets, the more I get asked if it's for sale. It's diminishing value is obvious.

*love. i'm not being surly, really, but i must point out that it was pointed out to me last night that i use the word "love" in reference to food and sunsets and bougainvillea - stuff like that - and that "love" should be reserved for people - wives, kids. i "hate" it when people nitpick word choices. kind of interrupts conversational flow.


  1. People shouldn't pick on your love choices or your word choices.
    What I would love is those fish tacos right now. I xoxo love them!

  2. you love fish tacos? that means you must want to sleep with them. (can you say "high school!")

    ahhhh, but you're going to the land of salmon. next year i'll have my oregon snowbird friends bring smoked salmon. i totally heart salmon.

  3. Me likey fish tacos : )
    The pics are great, funky and cool. I wish I was there!!