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Monday, April 11, 2011

Going, Going, Almost Gone

By the end of April the last of the snowbirds will be gone. One rig pulled out on Sunday, three more head north this week.

My first year in this RV park only six gringos stayed through the summer. One couple, one married man (sin esposa), and three single women. This year three single men have joined the year-rounders along with two Mexican couples.

Three single women and three single men. Hm, is there the potential for love under the palms? Senior citizens indulging in sex on the beach?

Hell no!! At least not with this group.

The single women are these: one an ex-trucker whose dogs bite; one a woman who rarely leaves her rig and when she does all she talks about is her health; and me - cranky and "too opinionated," intolerant of bigots.

The men: one who's really, really old (older than old); one a man most people have never seen except for those of us who have seen him naked; and the third I can't say much about except he often has his shirt off. (It is my opinion that most men - of a certain age - should leave their clothes on. Please. I'm begging you.)

But if it's a typical summer - hot and humid - I won't be seeing much of the year-rounders. AC's run 24/7 and most people stay holed up. I don't know how the locals do it. I tell you, Mexicans are tough.

What I do look forward to is swimming in the Sea of Cortez followed by an icy cold cerveza under the palapas. Let's see how long I'll be able to stick it out this summer before crying uncle and heading north.

And if I do leave this summer, will it be for good?


  1. After reading this I am wondering why the heck you would stay there. There are cold beers just about everywhere and friendly swimming beaches abound. maybe you should scout out some new adventures and new neighbors!
    Pam in Texas

  2. hola pam, i try my darnedest to paint a balanced picture of RV life but i realize i've been a little cranky lately. (a little?!) i think i suffer this each year - the end of snowbird season and i'm ready to see everyone gone!

  3. I showed up at this town over 3 years ago with plans to go further down south. I hated this place, (i'm a city girl) and it was too hot.. but yet i'm still here, I dont know what it is about kino, it's impossible to leave. you'd miss it too much. Kino playing big city in semana santa, the water that changes colors 10 times a day, the view of the baja on a clear day, the feeling you get when you watch one of those kino sunsets. etc...
    (plus, i'd miss you too)

  4. anon, you nailed it. not only the appeal of kino but it's nice to know of a kindred spirit here. (it's fun trying to figure out who you are).