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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home - for now

A couple posts back, Pam asked why I stay here. Besides the obvious reasons - the beach, the Mexican people, the culture - there's also this: after six years living in a 25' trailer, I'm not ready to give up my additional space.

What a treat it's been having a nearly screened-in porch and the use of a friend's picnic table. It's great having a work area where things can be left out and not put away each night. However, as you can see, I do need organizers. My work area is a mess.

I don't look forward to the days of having to open and close my awning. There were so many times in southern Arizona when I had to get up in the middle of the night to close the awning because some unexpected windstorm had moved in. If I had a fancy rig with a push-button awning opener, well, that'd be a whole other deal but it takes work to open and close the Airstream awning, especially for one person. Especially when it's windy.

Yes, I used to have a Vespa scooter but that's another story.

Now that my trailer's Dometic refrigerator is dead, I so much appreciate having a giant fridge in my bodega. It takes getting used to having to trek outside to get cooking ingredients, making sure I gather everything I need in one trip, but it beats no fridge at all. When I leave here, getting a refrigerator is the first item on my to-buy list.

The first item on my to-fix list is the stuck black tank valve. Sitting in one spot, it's not a big deal but when it comes to moving around, you want to be able to close the black tank. You certainly can't boondock unless you have a shitter than can be closed.

This year my bougainvillea are doing great. The wind and salt water take their toll on the plants in the park but so far mine are surviving, maybe even thriving. The good news is that when/if I leave, Barbara, who will be taking over my space, is a terrific gardener and she's promised to look after them.

And then there's the financial considerations. When I do leave, it's gonna cost a pretty penny...the fridge, the trailer repairs, the tires, the gasoline. So I hang tight. Even though I'm itching to explore new places - and new saloons - now is not the time to go. Until it is time to go, this is a good place to just be. I ain't complaining (because I gave that up for Lent).

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  1. Well, as long as you don't give up the internets and taking pictures for Lent!! Your flowers look gorgeous. I can surely see how splendid it would be to have a private cabana (with fridge!)right near a beautiful beach. I can dig it!