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Friday, June 24, 2011

Abuela in the Sea

Grandma is in the water with at least 12 children. It's almost dark and the waves are breaking harsh. Little bodies are tossed into the sand. They stand, shake it off, dive in for more. Grandma has on a white T-shirt and red flowered skirt. Her long gray hair - normally braided - is hanging loose down her back.

I stand at the seawall watching with a gin and tonic in hand. Abuela waves and I wave back then WHACK! she's slammed. Before she stands, she pulls up her skirt, pulls down her T-shirt then pushes back her hair. WHACK! she's hit again before she can stand. Bodies are rolling in the surf.

Supposedly humidity from Mexico is moving into southern Arizona. This will help with the fires, bring on the monsoons.

I wave goodnight to the grandmother. The children wring out their clothes and head home.

Tonight the humidity is manageable. It's the first night in weeks I can have the trailer door open.

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