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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Mexico in August

Money goddesses willing, I want to drive around New Mexico in August.

I want to go to all the places I love - Silver City, Zuni Pueblo, Gallup (yes, I love Gallup), Taos - and visit the many, many towns I've never been to. I'm looking for a home post-Kino. Although I've got to say, this year in NM (I'm thinking Albq and Silver) winter held on tight and I've gotten a little cold-weather phobic. So I'm thinking I'll have to settle south. Las Cruces?

In order for this New Mexican adventure to materialize I need these things:

Money. Over the next two months, I need work to come in. Lots of transcription work. Maybe my mom'll do a novena (she's good at that).
It would be nice if gas prices would drop.
Tying in to the money thing is the need to get the van roof painted thing. A rusted van roof in a monsoon downpour would not be good.

Here's what I'm looking for in my new home:
A trailer park with cheap rates and a pool. It's gotta have wifi too.
No geezer RV park.
The park can be on the funky side but not too funky.
Good weather as in not freeze-ass cold winters.
A nearby saloon.

As you can see, my needs are few.

It's time to hop on the internets and do some research but if ya'll have suggestions, send them my way.

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