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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sand Dollars

There aren't a whole lot of unbroken sand dollars on the beach here. A perfect sand dollar is a real treasure. PJ and I tried to go to Sand Dollar Beach one day but the roads were too wet and rutted so we went to the shrimp farm instead. Supposedly people come back from Sand Dollar Beach with bags of sand dollars.

Last week I went out on a friend's boat over to Turner Island and Dog Bay. As we approached the beach, we saw hundreds of sand dollars alive and in their natural habitat. I do not take live creatures from the beach but Saul nabbed one on the anchor to show me what a live sand dollar looks like. So I, uh, took it. I'm sorry Poseidon. I'll never do it again.

It was all fuzzy, velvety and purple. Absolutely gorgeous. Other finds included vertebrae or whatever they are from turtle shells, lion's paws shells (never ever find those on the beach here), and someone's skull.

Sand dollars are members of the sea urchin family.

The real finds of the week were these itty-bitty sand dollars. They are so delicate, I don't know how they make it to the beach in one piece. And those puffy things? They're also members of the sea urchin family. Talk about delicate! Here's a close-up.

So kids, that's your sand dollar lesson for the day from Miss Bitch, I mean Miss Beach.

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