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Friday, June 24, 2011

Wish Me Luck

Today I'm going to Calle Doce with Florence - not Florence of the Machine but Florence of Kino. Or as Florence says, we're going to Cow-wah doe-sah. I need to get an estimate on how much it would cost to get the roof of my van painted and I need to go to quite possibly the best hardware store in the world, La Rumba, for screen material and propane tank valves and screws.

Trips to anywhere are always a trip with Florence but right now she's on a pissed-off tear. She was mad at me for weeks because I went to the movies without her even though she HATES movies. And now she's pissed off at someone in the park and has de-friended him in real life, not social networking life. BTW, I heard his side of the story and I'd de-friend him too if I were her. Oh wait, I already de-friended him because he's an arrogant bastard.

Anyway it's hot, it's muggy. We'll be making lots of stops and Flo will be leaping out of my huge fucking van I don't know how many times. It'll be major exercise for her legs. She's gonna get cranky; I'm gonna get cranky. If only I had Valium.

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